A long history of scholarship

Fifteen of the first twenty-eight Rhodes Scholars were Hutchins Old Boys, leading to a visit to the state in early by the Secretary of the Rhodes Scholarship Trust, Sir Francis Wylie. He noted that in the past seventeen years, no fewer than twelve of these Scholars had passed through the hands of Science teacher Hugh D Erwin. The shadow of ‘Pooley’ Erwin () bestrides the early years like that of an eponymous Colossusi.

Further individual profiles of these Rhodes Scholars are being compiled, and will be added in time.

  • Frank Bathurst Edwards

  • Charles Stanley King

  • Charles Sydney William Rayner

  • Leicester Travers Butler

  • Alan Field Payne

  • Alan James Clinch

  • Frederick Beresford Richardson

  • Edward Mulhearin Lilley

  • John Keith Clinch

  • Leonard George Holden Huxley

  • Archibald McDougall

  • John Douglas Lloyd Hood

  • Arthur Rowland Smithies

  • Edgar Clinton Ross Spooner

  • Eric John Warlow-Davies

  • Edward David Tudor

  • Graeme Laurence Salmon

  • Robert Gregory Forage

  • Stephen John Gumley

  • Michael Charles Elias

  • Samuel Henry Forbes

  • Harjeevan Singh Narulla

  • Henry William West

  • Nanak Singh Narulla

i Character Unbound: A History of The Hutchins School, p. 403. Note that since publication, the number has been revised from sixteen to fifteen of the first twenty-eight Rhodes Scholars were Hutchins Old Boys.

Please note Year following Old Boy designation refers to the leaving year, assuming the student completed Year 12. If this is unknown the student’s entry year will be given e.g. ‘e1924’.