Opening at Ingle Hall in with just nine boys, Archdeacon Hutchins’ school had grown to 54 pupils by the time of its move to the William Archer-designed schoolhouse at the former Government Gardens site (which became 167 and later 181), Macquarie Street, three years later.

The predominantly classical education offered under first Headmaster J R Buckland () gradually shifted to a more modern, technical and practical one under succeeding Headmasters. An emphasis on the development of character was encapsulated in the School’s motto Vivit Post Funera Virtus: character lives after death.

The Hutchins Senior School, located at Sandy Bay since with staff and students arriving in /, continues to focus on the development of each student’s potential, moulding the curriculum according to the needs of individual students. Academic, sports, music and arts programs combine with leadership training and activities, a social services program, learning support and a mentor system of pastoral care for groups of mixed-grade boys in each of the four Middle and Senior School Houses, while co-operative education with local girls’ schools in the senior years broadens curricular offerings still further.

The Power of 9 program introduced in 2010 under Headmaster Warwick Dean welcomes Year 9 boys to the Senior School by offering outdoor challenges aimed at challenging and extending them, offering success in worthwhile learning activities and being given the opportunity to take responsibility for their journey.

Hutchins gives many opportunities to make your school days an enjoyable and satisfying experience. If you have ideas, use them; if you have convictions, stick to them and have the courage to proclaim what you believe is right.

Year 12 Student Editor, M Knoop, Virtus, 1990
Drill in gymnasium with C A S Viney, 1918

Drill in gymnasium with C A S Viney,

Physics class, 1918.

Physics class,

Carpentry class, 1918.

Carpentry class,

Hutchins, 1931.


O H Biggs with J Solomon and M Skeels, 1957.

O H Biggs with J Solomon and M Skeels,

Senior School Quad, 1979.

Senior School Quad,

Corridor to Ray Vincent Wing, c2001.

Corridor to Ray Vincent Wing, c2001

Power of 9 Global Challenge, c2015.

Power of 9 Global Challenge, c2015

da Vinci Decathlon team visiting Italy, 2019.

da Vinci Decathlon team visiting Italy,