Twelve story sites around the School are marked with an interpretive sign to explore as you journey around the campus. Join us on a walk through the rich history of The Hutchins School.

  1. Archdeacon William Hutchins.

    The origin of Hutchins

    Promoting education in the colony

    The Hutchins School was founded in memory of the first Archdeacon of Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), William Hutchins, and is one of the oldest schools in AustraliaRead more

  2. Choir with C S Brammall and J M Boyes, 1958. Source: The Hutchins School Archives and Heritage Collection.

    Lead us home to thee

    An Anglican school for boys

    The first Hutchins chapel was located in a room in the boarding house in Macquarie Street and was consecrated in . On , Bishop Robert E Davies officiated at the dedication and consecration of theRead more

  3. Boarding house with boys, c1975.

    A home away from home

    Boarding at Hutchins

    The earliest boarders at Hutchins occupied the attic rooms at Ingle Hall. After the move in to the former site of the Government Gardens (which later became 167 then 181)Read more

  4. Early Learning Centre playground and Headmaster’s House, 1992.

    ‘Good morning Miss Todd’

    Early learning

    The first Hutchins Kindergarten opened in as part of the new Junior School at Macquarie Street, with Miss Mary Todd as Mistress in ChargeRead more

  5. Junior School classroom with W F Tennant and Miss E M Elliott, 1919.

    A growing focus

    Junior School

    The Hutchins Junior School was opened on in Macquarie Street with 65 enrolments, however, primary-aged students had been enrolled at Hutchins since its inceptionRead more

  6. R Bingham wins U11 100yds with former Sub-Primary block (now Middle School) behind, 1960. Source: The Hutchins School Archives and Heritage Collection.

    The ‘Intermediate’ years

    Middle School

    The Middle School was known as ‘Intermediate School’ until and has been in operation in various forms at Hutchins since , catering to a mix of boys in YearsRead more

  7. Staff and Senior School, 1892.

    Let your voices ring, lads!

    Senior School

    Opening at Ingle Hall in with just nine boys, Archdeacon Hutchins’ school had grown to 54 pupils by the time of its move to the William Archer-designed schoolhouse at the formerRead more

  8. Cricket with C C Thorold (umpire), 1918.

    Fields of play

    Sporting life

    Sport has always featured strongly in the educational ethos of Hutchins, with team sport becoming a compulsory component in the 1990sRead more

  9. First Eight, 1959.

    Life on the water

    ‘Keenness and perseverance’

    Water sports such as swimming, lifesaving, rowing, sailing and surfing have traditionally played a significant part in the Hutchins educational programRead more

  10. Juniors at Southport, 1981. Source: The Hutchins School Archives and Heritage Collection.

    Adventures, trails and tales

    Learning outdoors

    In , Hutchins led the nation in establishing an Outdoor Education facility at Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary. Following the offer by Mr Anton Chauncy of a bush siteRead more

  11. Twelfth Night, 1922.

    Makers, musicians and performers

    The creative arts

    Emphasis on art, music and drama has long been an important element of Hutchins life. The School was closely associated with St David’s Cathedral Choir following its founding in the 1870sRead more

  12. HSOBA members with long lineage, 1980.

    Lifelong fellowship

    A sense of community

    Based on the English public school model and established under Church of England guidelines, from very early days Hutchins has had a strong community service ethicRead more