The Hutchins School is a strong, inclusive and supportive community, consisting of staff, students and parents/carers, former students and those members of the general public with a particular interest in the School. Various supporters’ groups enhance the range of opportunities available to students.

The Hutchins School Old Boys’ Association (HSOBA) was established in in order to encourage and maintain an ongoing interest in and broad support for the School. The Association liaises with former students, organises reunions and fundraising, and provides five representatives to the School Board.

Distinguished former scholars from any field are eligible for the Ivied Tower Award, presented annually by the HSOBA, with the selected recipient named on a designated honour board. Old Boys or long-serving staff members who have excelled in their chosen profession or field of endeavour may be selected posthumously for memorialising as ‘Hutchins Lions’.

Based on the English public school model and established under Church of England guidelines, from very early days Hutchins has had a strong community service ethic. The community service program since the 1950s has been actively encouraged by successive Headmasters as necessary to the development of character and to the training of well-adjusted, co-operative and helpful human beings.

As we hang up our caps and uniforms we would therefore be wise to think on these valuable additives to our training and be grateful that we have been privileged to call ourselves an Old Boy of Hutchins.

Senior School student, P Newman, The Hutchins School Magazine,
Jubilee Carnival program, 1896.

Jubilee Carnival program,

Annual Hutchins Ball, 1903.

Annual Hutchins Ball,

Old Scholars dinner at Highfield Hall with J H Bisdee, 1903.

Old Scholars dinner at Highfield Hall with J H Bisdee,

School Fair, 1922.

School Fair,

W J Gerlach and C Burbury at Clarendon Home, 1954.

W J Gerlach and C Burbury at Clarendon Home,

Brass lion collar pin, n.d.

Brass lion collar pin, n.d.

HSOBA members with long lineage, 1980.

HSOBA members with long lineage,

School Fair, 1994.

School Fair,