Sport has always featured strongly in the educational ethos of Hutchins, with team sport becoming a compulsory component in the 1990s.

The donation of the J W Bethune Shield for Inter-House Competition in stimulated school spirit through competition between the Houses: School, Buckland, Stephens and from , Thorold. A Sports Committee established in the same year allowed for student participation in the operation and management of school sports.

Other sports and activities to increase the list on offer over the years include badminton, basketball, bushwalking, cycling, golf, hockey, horseriding, lifesaving, orienteering, rugby, sailing, soccer, squash, surfing, underwater hockey, volleyball and water polo.

The leasing of the Christ’s College oval from the Hobart City Council in and the construction of a gymnasium and tennis court in were important sports markers during Macquarie Street days. Infrastructure over the years at the Sandy Bay site has included the levelling of the Memorial Oval and construction of a sports pavilion in , the opening of the South Oval in (renamed the Barrie Irons Oval in ), the Palfreyman Gymnasium (1974), the laying out of a hockey/soccer field (1974), opening of the outdoor swimming pool (1979), and tennis courts (1982).

Zeemalah – zee!
Hi tikki ta, vee vit ra
Hey ringer roomba,
roomba ray
Hey zinger zoomba,
zoomba zay

Hutchins War Cry
Hutchins School Football Club, 1896.

Hutchins School Football Club,

Cricket with C C Thorold (umpire), 1918.

Cricket with C C Thorold (umpire),

Cricket practice at Macquarie Street, 1929.

Cricket practice at Macquarie Street,

Athletics and cross country team, 1933.

Athletics and cross country team,

Tennis Southern Premiers, 1939.

Tennis Southern Premiers,

Cross country team premiers, 1942.

Cross country team premiers,

Junior hockey, 1953.

Junior hockey,

Rugby, 1970.


Swimming pool under construction, 1978.

Swimming pool under construction,