In , Hutchins led the nation in establishing an Outdoor Education facility at Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary. A hut was constructed by Form V boys under the leadership of teacher Gordon Jones. Unfortunately, Mr Jones left Hutchins at the end of to take up a teaching position at Geelong College.

Mr Jones who has accepted a position at Geelong College, has been a hard-working and popular member of the Staff and prominent in many aspects of school-life; as assistant Science Master, in physical education and in doing the brunt of the work in connection with the Chauncy Vale project. He carries with him the sincere appreciation and best wishes of the School.

The Hutchins School Magazine, December 1947.

Outdoor Education in Australia, particularly at The Hutchins School, owes a great deal to the experience, dedication and commitment of Gordon Jones and the greatest evidence of this lies not only in the establishment and/or leadership of programs such as Chauncy Vale but in the relationships that he had with the students at all schools he taught at. It is a pleasure to be able to put in print a tribute to Mr Jones from three Hutchins Old Boys.

Teacher G Jones attempting Brown’s Cave, 1947.

Teacher G Jones attempting Brown’s Cave, 1947

A tribute by three ‘Chauncy’ Old Boys

We were saddened to learn, belatedly, that Gordon Jones (known as ‘Spike’ by the boys) had died on 26 March 2019. Gordon was a Science Master at Hutchins, joining in 1946 as a 23 year old graduate teacher. It was the centenary year, and to our sorrow he left at the end of 1947. In his short time at Hutchins, Gordon earned the respect and admiration of his students.

Anton Chauncy had invited the School to build a hut in his Chauncy Vale Sanctuary for the purpose of ‘nature study’. Gordon was then Form Master of Fifth Form and volunteered to set up weekend camps throughout 1947 to build an accommodation hut; we could not wait to get started. The hut was designed mainly by the boys as a log cabin with bunk beds. It was liveable by July and there was an official opening on Sunday 27 July. Gordon left to return to Melbourne at the end of that year.

The hut was then used by the School for Outdoor Education projects but was later destroyed by bushfires. A plaque on the spot commemorating the hut is there today.

By invitation from the School, Gordon returned for the 50th anniversary on Sunday 27 July 1997. He not only remembered all the ‘originals’ who attended but our names as well.

Gordon Jones deserves to be remembered for changing the lives of many Hutchins boys, particularly those names on the plaque, and through his legacy the lives of boys at Hutchins today.

– John Biggs (’52), Alan Colbourn (’50), Hugh Thompson (’50).

50th anniversary of the building of the Chauncy Vale hut. (L–R) Desmond King (’51), Richard Lord (’48), John Biggs (’52), Max Wills (’48), Gordon Jones (teacher), Don Lange (’50), Ian Madden (’51), John Stopp (’50), Alan Colbourn (’50).

50th anniversary of the building of the Chauncy Vale hut

(L–R) Desmond King (’51), Richard Lord (’48), John Biggs (’52), Max Wills (’48), Gordon Jones (teacher), Don Lange (’50), Ian Madden (’51), John Stopp (’50), Alan Colbourn (’50)