First Chairman of the Board, C W Butler was educated at The Hutchins School and gained an Associate of Arts, first class in . Admitted as a lawyer in , he joined the law practice of his father — Butler McIntyre and Butler in Murray Street, Hobart.

Butler was a keen cricketer and played for Australia. He became the first Chairman of The Hutchins School Board of Management in and remained so until . Butler married Beatrice Travers in and they had seven children, including three sons who attended Hutchins: Charles , Lester and Geoffrey . An excerpt of the obituary in The Examiner on shows how well-regarded Butler was with the School community.

More than 100 members of the Hutchins School Cadet Corps marched with the cortege from the home of the late Mr. Butler, who was closely associated with Hutchins School, and subsequently formed a guard of honour, presenting arms as the cortege continued on its way to the Cathedral. At Hutchins School the scholars formed another guard of honour when the cortege passed.


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For the purpose of this article, the year with the e in front of it represents the year they entered The Hutchins School.

Chairmen of Board, 1912–63 (C W Butler top row, centre).

Chairmen of Board, (C W Butler top row, centre)

Board Minutes, 22 April 1913.

Board Minutes,